Raveh Ravid & Co. CPA In Israel

Raveh Ravid & Co., Certified Public Accountants (Isr.)

Raveh Ravid & Co. is an Israeli accounting firm operating since 1986. The firm provides its clients with a wide range of professional services.

Raveh Ravid & Co. believes in maintaining close, personal contact with its clients and their business operations, as well as offering long-term consulting services to clients' businesses and financial enterprises.

The firm is led by four highly experienced & professional partners, supported by a skilled team of 80 employees. The professional team consists predominantly of CPAs, international taxation experts, internal auditors and economists. 

Raveh Ravid & Co. is the Israeli member of Russell Bedford International, an international network of certified public accounting firms with member firms in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The Ten Commandments of Raveh Ravid
  • Long Term Thinking - we believe that those who think long term – conquer.
  • Keeping positive, even during rough times.
  • We don't have a monopoly on wisdom & knowledge, and we can benefit from consulting & cooperating with others.
  • Allowing employees independence and delegation of authority- we believe that this way, employees can evolve.
  • Team work – team is more powerful than an individual.
  • Transparency - constant reporting to partners and subordinates.
  • Don't let your ego control you.
  • Believing in one's way - once you choose your path – believe in it.
  • Seeing every employee, whether senior or junior, as if he may work with us until he reaches retirement age.
  • Taking every customer's request very seriously, while keeping in mind that this is an accounting firm and not ER.
Mailing List
32A Habarzel St.  Tel Aviv 69710  Israel
+972-3-7676999   |   +972-3-7676990